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Live Webcast: Challenges in Extracting Perfluorinated Compounds in Drinking and Wastewaters

25 October 2018

Presented by LCGC

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Perfluorinated compounds (PFCs) are a group of compounds that are highly resistant to degradation, even when metabolized or exposed to harsh environmental conditions. Their persistence allows them to accumulate in water sources, particularly those used for consumption.  One of the biggest challenges when extracting these compounds is minimizing interferences and opportunities for contamination during sample preparation and analysis. As PFC compounds are highly stable and non-reactive, they have become commonly used materials for equipment parts and laboratory supplies.

Join this webcast to:

  • Review EPA Method 537 with emphasis on how to demonstrate lack of
    system contamination and sample-to-sample carryover
  • See data for the extraction of up to 24 PFC compounds on an
    automated solid-phase extraction system in multiple water matrices
  • Investigate challenges with analyte recoveries when extracting PFC
    compounds, following EPA Method 537

Key Learning Objectives

  • See an overview of EPA Method 537 with a summary of potential pitfalls
  • Review comparative data for the extraction of 14 and 24 PFC compounds
    with reference to EPA Method 537 for guidance
  • Discover tools for overcoming the challenges associated with
    contamination and inconsistent analyte recoveries


Maura Rury, Marketing Manager, Horizon Technology Inc.

Michael Ebitson, Director of Applications and Customer Support, Horizon Technology Inc.


Laura Bush, Editorial Director LCGC

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